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  Egg Mobil.  Moved daily!

Miracle loving fresh GRASS!!!!! She is one of our brood cows, 8 years old in 2009.  She is a purebread Scottish Highland.

Fall 2009

Abby Enjoying the winter SUN 2008! Abby is Miracles first born and also one of our brood cows.

Duchess in the back pasture 2009. She is Abbys first born and will have her first calf in the spring of 2010.

Frame for portable chicken coop, 2008.We then secured a tarp over the wire for shade and rain protection.

Some of herd, 2008. We raise Scottich Highland, Black Angus and belted Galloways.  Our herd Bull for 2007 thru 2010 is a Black Angus.

Niomi and Edith 2008, These are Oreo cows!(belted galloways)

Meats on display. All Meats are sold FROZEN,  Most are in 1lb packages.  Steaks range from 8oz to 2lbs depending on the cut. All Is processed at Leaona Meats in Troy,PA a USDA facility.

Flower, 2009 winter. She is also one of our first Brood Cows.  She is also the "BOSS" cow of our herd.

Poppa with the sheep, 2009.  This is our first venture with sheep, so we started out with just 3.  The electric netting is move about once a week to give them a fresh place to graze.

Meat Chickens.This coop has a opening so they can roam around in the grass.  It is moved everyday to a fresh spot to keep their sleeping area clean.  We have electric netting surround the area we have this coop in.  We did loose 1 bird to a hawk this year.

Meat Chicken, check out those feet.  These are 7 weeks old.  They were processed 2 days after this photo.  they averaged 4-7 pounds per bird after processing.

These are Tina's laying hens.  

This is our water . It provides the cows water while in the back pasture.

This is how we power our fence in the back pasture.  Note our Dog Bandit in the ranger waiting to ride.